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"I love Stacy's energy. You look forward to hearing her voice and support. She could see beyond the surface and every time would make me feel happier and more centered."  

- Tatiane de Souza, Model

"I very much enjoyed being coached by Stacy. She has a down to earth, yet very positive attitude that is infectious. I was at the beginning of a journey for some big life changes & love that she gave me tools that are practical & easy to use in my busy everyday life.

 Since I started coaching I got hired at a new job that has all the things I need and want for myself and my family. I'm in the process of moving to a new home closer to family for support. And overall,  coaching is keeping much more calm when things are hard during this transition."Stacy is more than a coach, she is a friend. She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone & she celebrated my successes with me."

- Summer D, Marketing & Events

"I have begun to allow myself to follow my dreams more fully and to let go of old limiting beliefs that held me back from pursuing what I truly desire. My favorite part about being coached is Stacy's guided visualizations. They are powerful and I feel completely refreshed and empowered afterward.

"Stacy is a deeply loving and highly skilled coach. She truly puts her heart and soul into her coaching, is present and dedicated to the success of her clients, and makes you feel that anything that you desire is possible. Her kindness, warmth and compassion combined with a wealth of tools and techniques seemingly at her fingertips make each session with her enjoyable, inspiring and exactly what is needed. Stacy has helped me to find clarity and focus in many aspects of my life, and the transformations that I have made with her help have been life changing."

- Diane, San Diego, Ca